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What does TWU have to offer to our partners? Many of our content creators are extremely busy managing their own communities and creating content. While there's a certain convenience of having a centralized hub like this, is there anything more than convenience that we can sell to encourage more activity within this hub?

From the start we know that everyone we are going to ask will be busy with their own work and communities. Which is why we want everything to be as automatic as possible.

This means that you yourself only has to put in a handful of things which will be the only things ever required to be asked of you. The only other time you shall be contacted by us is when we are organizing a giveaway, community event etc..

You also would like to know what does being ‘’partnered’’ offer. It offers several things that can be quite handy for the future. Being partnered will allow you to use the #introductions channel in our Discord. An introduction includes an explanation of who you are, what you do and how you can be supported. This includes Patreon as an example.

Being active in the HUB is completely optional but, there are several categories. A ‘’fan’’ category (Revenant’s Toll in our Discord) and a Partnered Category (Eorzea’s Finest in our Discord). In the partner category there are multiple available chats. One for Artists or Content Creators. And one for everyone that is partnered with us.

This also allows you at the same time to reach out to other members in the community more easily and not be disturbed by anyone else. And it will also allow us as a community to easily organize community events for FFXIV. But if you simply don’t have the time that will be no issue. It is not required of you to be actively talking in the Discord. But we still would like it to have is as an option for you. To interact with fans or other people that are partnered.

In a similar vein, why does partnership matter?

Partnership is completely optional for you. All we would like is to support everyone in the community. Some people are fine on their own and it can stay that way. Forcing people to be partnered with us is the last thing we want. We simply want that everyone that is part of the hub to find out more about places in the community. Basically advertising yourself in a way.

Will it just be a Discord server and nothing else?

The Discord server is only the beginning. Once everything is running smoothly we will expand to a website as well. We have a Twitter as well where announcements are made related to TWU.

Once I am partnered what happens when I don’t want to be part of TWU anymore?

It fully depends on how you approach it. If you wish to leave because you have more important things to focus on a simple message is more than enough with an explanation. Us parting ways will also be announced so people have no questions.

If you happen to break rules so badly that you are dismissed by us that will be announced as well with reasons on why. Breaking rules isn’t too big of an issue, it happens sometimes. It really depends on how badly they are broken.

We ourselves can also dismiss you for any reason whatsoever if we think so. Although this is quite unlikely. Our entire team must know about the reasons why and how. No one can make a decision on their own. If you do have an issue with someone on the Mod team please message someone of the team.

When you are not part of TWU anymore it will also mean that an introduction related post made by you will be deleted. We want our platform to be used for the community, not for your own personal gains. So if we notice you are using our platform for your own personal gains you will be dismissed without question.

If you are not sure about a few certain things for being allowed to do things or not, be sure to ask someone of our team to prevent any issue.

I want to organize a community event, what is the best way to do it?

There are a lot of ways you can organize a community event. This is one of the main reasons we got this platform to begin with. We want to make things as easy for everyone. You can simply ask us if we can help set things up. But it is also possible to do it yourself. It really is up to you in the end and we simply allow you to use our platform to organize such things easily without issue.

Who is part of the Mod team and where are they from?

The Wandering Unity was founded by TAG. You may know him by him moderating ZeplaHQ’s community. He also had involvement with ‘’Robot Entertainment’’ in the past. Another game company that owns the ‘’Orcs Must Die!’’ Franchise.

Lethys was the first person approached by TAG months ago and has been part of it ever since. He is known for creating the ‘’Ser Aymeric’’ Bot on Discord. He has also been involved with managing the Chaos Data Center Discord server and the LGBTQ FFXIV Discord server.

Reseph is the creator of the Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV Reddit. And has been involved with the community for years with a lot of experience.

Vari is known for managing Tuatime’s community. He has also started streaming himself with great success. Recently also became part of the The Moogle Post team writing the ‘’Community Spotlight’’. And being involved with the community itself also was a reason he has become part of the team.

Akhmourne is known for being a Community Representative of Square Enix USA. She has been part of the community for years and is super involved. She was asked to be part of the team on the first day The Wandering Unity went live.

Please know that all of us work on The Wandering Unity in our free time. We only wish to make this a platform for everyone in the community. So events and such might take longer to organize. We all also don’t live in the same time zone which is another thing that can make things harder for us. So we ask of you to be patient with us while we do our best to work on the platform and events.

I don’t fully agree with the guidelines/rules. Is there any way I can change them?

Not agreeing to our guidelines/rules is fine. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated from everyone involved. And suggestions are also things we don’t mind getting. We have to work together as a community to make it the best it can be. We will take any feedback with a lot of thought and consideration.

I want to be part of TWU, is there anything I need to do in return?

No, like stated before, we want everything to be as automatic as possible. We have an official twitter account (https://twitter.com/WanderingUnity) which you can follow if you’d like. You can like or retweet anything you like. And if you want you can also let your community know about TWU as well if you think you are able to. There is only one thing required of you to do. Which is filling in the ‘’introductions’’ channel on our Discord. With writing this down you can tell about yourself and let people know what you do. And of course, how you can be supported. There are many others that have filled it in so you can look at examples in the Discord.

The Wandering Unity Team wants to thank you for taking your time to read this document containing all details. We hope to hear back from you with any questions!